Helica - Servers

We provide servers based on x86 processors, including dedicated machines for the Unix / Linux platform. As part of a comprehensive implementation, we offer requirements analysis, scalability and capacity, environment, supply and installation and configuration of complete server systems with additional equipment, service and maintenance of the entire environment:

  • Microsoft Windows network service servers
  • Unix & Linux servers
  • Mail and groupware applications
  • Network services servers (WWW, FTP, DNS, Proxy)
  • Terminal services servers („thin client”)

Servers virtualization

One of the key areas in which you can optimize your company's IT resources is the servers it is using. Thanks to the development of technology, the servers currently offered have such computing power that they can be successfully used for many tasks at the same time. In short, this is the idea of server virtualization - on one physical server can run several or more virtual servers performing separate tasks (functions).

Available virtualization technologies enable you to manage your IT environment in an extremely flexible and efficient way. IT departments can respond faster to new user needs when implementing new services. Virtualization not only enables server consolidation and instant startup of new services but also opens up new opportunities such as::

  • Backup data centers for applications,
  • Backup running servers,
  • Upgrade or replace damaged hardware without interfering with the rest of your IT system

The services we provide include:

  • Determine client needs for server virtualization,
  • Choice of technology in terms of capabilities and needs,
  • Analysis of the impact of virtualization on services provided by IT,
  • Develop and implement a development strategy using a virtualized environment,
  • Develop and implement high availability with virtualization clusters,
  • Installation, configuration and production implementation of the virtualized environment,
  • Training administrators,
  • Maintaining an operating environment

We also provide analytical services in which we compare the current IT infrastructure with the target, after virtualization. On request we carry out the full process - from initial analyzes and projects, through the construction and migration of the virtualized environment to its subsequent maintenance. After defining the problems faced by IT administrators, we present solutions for their solutions, tailor them to customer needs and present systems that can be applied in your environment. We prepare test scenarios and provide the necessary elements to verify that the proposed technology meets the client's functional requirements and scales the solution..

Server virtualisation can significantly increase IT return on investment and reduce total hardware infrastructure cost by providing better asset consolidation, improved availability, and flexibility. To assess the savings of virtualization, Helica offers its customers an analysis that compares the current infrastructure to the infrastructure after the virtualization process.

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Helica sp. z o.o.

Raszyńska 25
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Krzysztof Milcarz –  President
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