Helica - COAR

Also 6 September 2017, consortium of companies NTT System SA, NTT Technology Sp. z o.o. and Helica Sp. z o.o., as one of chosen tenderers, signed framework agreements for the delivery of stationary computers, portable computers and tablets for Units of the Civil Service.

The planned value of orders exceeds the 25 MLN PLN gross.

Centrum Obsługi Administracji Rządowej  (COAR) - Centre of the Service of the Government Administration - is an institution of the budget economy established by the Chief of Offices of the Prime Minister of Poland, in order to provide the public execution of tasks by KPRM. COAR is Central ordering for units of the government administration.

Helica sp. z o.o.

Raszyńska 25
02-033 Warsaw

Ph.: +48 22 576 55 60
Fax: +48 22 576 55 65


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Helica sp. z o.o.

Raszyńska 25
02-033 Warsaw

Registered in the District Court for Warsaw, XIII Commercial Division of the National Court .

KRS number: 0000373663
REGON: 142728326
NIP: 701-027-35-59

Share capital: 50.000,00 PLN

Authorities of the Management Board:


Krzysztof Milcarz –  President
Piotr Wieczorek –  Vice-President