Public Wi-Fi access for the City of Warsaw

Helica - Public Wi-Fi access for the City of Warsaw

We have completed the implementation of FdXtended HSMX access gateway in City Hall, Warsaw. Two devices working in the cluster (Active-Passive) are used, thus enhancing the reliability and security of the deployed system.

The licenses provided with the software allow simultaneous Internet access of up to 2,000 client devices with the technological capability to expand to 10,000 devices.

Deployment of the HSMX access gateway enabled the consolidation and placement of key components of services such as DNS, DHCP, Firewall, Captive Portal, central syslog, in one solution. The implemented devices operate independently of the equipment providers (manufacturers) of their wireless WLAN infrastructure while maintaining full compatibility.

HSMX automatically creates user accounts, identifies them, and aggregates data about their connections in real time while providing them with the right to privacy without registering their content.

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Helica sp. z o.o.

Raszyńska 25
02-033 Warsaw

Ph.: +48 22 576 55 60
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Helica sp. z o.o.

Raszyńska 25
02-033 Warsaw

Registered in the District Court for Warsaw, XIII Commercial Division of the National Court .

KRS number: 0000373663
REGON: 142728326
NIP: 701-027-35-59

Share capital: 50.000,00 PLN

Authorities of the Management Board:


Krzysztof Milcarz –  President
Piotr Wieczorek –  Vice-President


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